Augmented Reality ghost Tours
Wilson McConnell House, Columbia, CA

Augmented Reality Ghost Tours

By Preservation Ghost Hunts

You’re touring Columbia, CA. Walking by the Wilson McConnell house, you stop to read the sign.  You’re asked if you would like to download, then open our free app?  The app then asks if you would like to meet Mrs. McConnell?  Curious visitors click ‘yes’.  Mrs. McConnell appears as an AR Ghost and gives you a 30-second teaser about her life.  Want to know more? Visitors are offered tour times, visitors center hours, discounts at local restaurants and hotels, even links to buy books about Columbia.  Guests control their experience at their leisure.  Unconstrained by time or day of visit.  Merchants enjoy a monetized guest stream to support the local economy.  Want a free estimate for your own AR Ghost Tour? Call us today.  We may be close by soon.  Check out our filming schedule here:  AR Ghost Film Locations.

Casey Saumure is Owner and Founder of Preservation Ghost Hunts and AR Ghost.  A Native American, female-owned business.  She can be reached at (916)759-7880.  Drop us a line at

“We are history lovers, cemetery hunters and ghost story fanatics.”  Thanks for joining us.  ~Casey