Casey Saumure

CASEY SAUMURE | Founder | Preservation Ghost Hunts & AR Ghost

I’m a tech-nerd.  Before entering home building I used to code.  Later I built websites for our businesses.  But my real love is ghost hunting.  On the weekends, my family and I love to crawl through old ghost towns to learn about the history and legends of the California foothills.  When we travel, ghost and history tours are always on the agenda.

The inspiration for AR Ghost was born of many things.  First, we watched Pokemon Go pull children off the couch.  Then 19 Crimes, the Australian Wine sensation was born.  We watched the ad campaign and videos launch the unknown label with rapt attention.  The Gruesome Gotham app in New York City is similar to what we wanted.  But we want more.  We want real ghosts, real stories and real technology to propel the engine.  We want spirits rising out of the place they lived.  We want it bundled with the market opportunities to launch our favorite places into real business. 

We wanted to travel and ghost hunt all summer. We wanted AR Ghost.

I spent over 25 years in homebuilding.  First as a top salesperson and later as a senior manager.  My husband and I owned Sacramento’s largest private salon for nearly a decade, where we managed and trained a staff of 25. 

I am a proud Native-American female business owner.  We are history lovers, cemetery hunters and ghost story fanatics.  Thanks for joining us. 

~Casey GS Hair, our family-owned business. Skyshot Drones, a Sacramento aerial video, photo and mapping service. Casey Saumure, Owner and Founder of Preservation Ghost Hunts and AR Ghost can be reached at (916)759-7880.  Drop us a line at