AR Film

Our Approach

History.  Inclusion.  Diversity.

We want the untold stories.  We want the under-represented pioneers. We are always searching for female and LGBT pioneers, African-American, Native-American, Hispanic-American and Asian-American persons of historical importance.  If you have a story for us, please send it over! We would love to hear it.


What exactly does 'Inclusion' mean to us?  We must raise each other up. We must collaborate, research and hire with that in mind.  We don’t want our team to be color-blind. We want them to be color aware. We are committed to going out of our way to draw everyone in. We want the team to seek differences in age, race, sex and familial status.

Our ghost story is our common ground.


Meet the Team

Preservation Ghost Hunts is a native-american, female-owned small business. Founder, Casey Saumure has over 25 years in new home sales management and computer operations. She is currently an FAA Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot.   Co-founder Alvin Khoo is a Burmese Immigrant and Silicon Valley Entrepreneur.  Alvin has decades of experience as a Senior IT/Software Engineer.  Greg, well Greg is Casey's husband.  He's cool.  Read more about us below.

Casey Saumure


Little Known Fact:

Casey married her husband in the Comstock Cemetery, Virginia City.
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Sue Spaulding


Little Known Fact:

Ghosts love Sue. She has a ghost boyfriend at the Leger Hotel, Mokelumne Hill, CA.

Greg Saumure

Greg Saumure


Little Known Fact:

Greg is a Thursday Night Combat
RC Airplane pilot.
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Alvin Khoo

AR Ghost

Little Known Fact:

Alvin sold his company to Netgear.
He's a devout Buddhist.
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