"Ghosts are like true love, few have seen it but you know it's there."

Team Building

If you wish to travel light. Take off envy, jealousy and fear.
-Glenn Clark

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Without the reserve of shared experience, our checks drawn on insufficient funds.
-Rene Daumal

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There is no jewel in the world comparable to learning. -Sir Edward Coke

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Want of foresight, constitute the endless repetition of history. -Sir Winston Churchill

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Places We Haunt

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Historic Districts

Encourage visitors in a fun and exciting Augmented Reality app.

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Satisfy history buffs by letting the dearly-departed tell stories from the past.

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Encourage diversity.  Tell the story of the forgotten who helped build your city.

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History Returns

Let our staff build a community of augmented reality ghosts.  Each ghost can be mapped out at key points to encourage visitor traffic flow and to educate and entertain your audience.  Short segments allow you to direct guests to seek tours, museums and exhibits.  We collaborate with valued members of your local team for historical accuracy.

The Sacramento History Museum Tour Guides

Next Steps...

We may be filming in your town soon.  Call Preservation Ghost Hunts today.