"Ghosts only exist for those who wish to see them." -Holtei

Ghost Hunts

History-based ghost hunts, hosted by experienced paranormal investigators.
Join us.

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AR Ghost Tours

Augmented Reality Ghost Tours - on demand. Real people, real history in the places they lived.  

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Ghost Film

Record your best tours to share on social media or promote your event.  Or tap into our library of documentary filmmakers.

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We like to tell ghost stories with our friends and share that experience with others.  Tours benefit the places we haunt.  

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Places We Explore

Historic Districts

Encourage visitors in a fun and exciting Augmented Reality app.

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Satisfy history buffs by letting the dearly-departed tell stories from the past.

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Encourage diversity.  Tell the story of the forgotten who helped build your city.

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History Returns ™

Preservation Ghost Hunts was created to provide a revenue stream to building owners of historic properties.  Our history-based tours can be offered even in vacant buildings.  We partner with tour companies across the US.  Call or e-mail us today with your inquiry.  preservationghosthunts@gmail.com

Building Cash Flow

Next Steps...

We may be touring or filming in your town soon.  E-mail or call Preservation Ghost Hunts today.