Who are the AR Ghosts?

Elizabeth Thorn Scott Flood 1828-1867

Elizabeth founded the first school in Sacramento for African American children. She later added Native-American and Chinese students.

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Davey Waiser

At just 17-years old, Davey was the first Pony Express rider.  Arriving in Old Sacramento on June 25th, 1860.

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May Hollister Woolsey 1866-1879

Mae's early death and her diary found buried in a wall 100 years later, makes her one of Sacramento's favorite ghosts.

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William Brown 1857-1880

Hero, African-American Train Engineer William Brown gave his life at just 23 years old to save a train full of passengers.

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Where are the AR Ghosts?

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Historic Districts

Encourage visitors in a fun and exciting Augmented Reality app.

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Satisfy history buffs by letting the dearly-departed tell stories from the past.

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Encourage diversity.  Tell the story of the forgotten who helped build your city.

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History Returns

Let our staff build a community of augmented reality ghosts.  Each ghost can be mapped out at key points to encourage visitor traffic flow and to educate and entertain your audience.  Short segments allow you to direct guests to seek tours, museums and exhibits.  We collaborate with valued members of your local team for historical accuracy.

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